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Want to experience more power in your prayer life? Wish you could be more consistent in daily prayer, but you just don’t have the time?

Too often prayer and quiet with God get pushed to the side in our busy lives. Yet, daily time with God is what you need MOST to avoid overwhelm, stress, and worry.

Prayer provides comfort, strength, and guidance for your life, so why aren’t you making time for it? 

Develop A Prayer Habit You'll Love!

Through this 5-day, email-delivered, mini-course, you'll develop a plan for developing a lasting daily prayer habit that will unlock the power of prayer in your life.

  • Get clear on WHY daily prayer is a priority in your life. 
  • Define WHEN you'll pray, finding time you didn't know you had in your busy schedule.
  • Find WHERE you'll pray and make it ready and inviting.
  • Outline HOW you'll get started, so you make the most of your time.

Develop a prayer habit you'll love (and keep)!

What Others Are Saying...

As a new believer, I've learned how to get started with prayer

The challenge helped me so much. As I am a new believer, I didn't know how to pray or where to start. As English is not my first language, the challenge was done simple but powerful to understand everything. Learning not to leave my house and face the world without a prayer. I can see this will have a huge impact on my life.


Powerful 5 Days

The sheet at the very being was very helpful it gave me a good idea of where I was heading with my daily prayers. I like the Psalms on each day to look up and study. The recaps were good as well nothing was disjointed about the 5 days they flowed very well together.

These 5 days have given me food for thought and guidance for my future prayer habit. It may be only 5 days, but it's a very powerful 5 days.


Improved my prayer life

It's making me consistent in my prayer life and at the same time devoted to prayer. My prayer life has improved and I feel like I can be in the presence of God all the time.


This plan works!

This challenge made me think about the importance of having a dedicated place for prayer and a dedicated time. For me, these two things, in particular, were crucial because before that I had not realized how much it can help to have a dedicated place and time to be more consistent in prayer.

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone who feels the need to deepen their prayer life and to make it more quality. This plan works!


Daily prayer is worth the effort

It has encouraged me to be more consistent and believe that daily prayer is worth the effort!!


Watch God open your eyes to a whole new level of joy-filled living

It was a nice refresher. It was a lot alike the Daniel Prayer study I did with Anne Graham Lotz, some of the points were identical. Good reminders.

I am still trying to find the exact "right" time early in the morning but it is wonderful to take that time with the Lord. My favorite part of the day.

I would encourage people to try it with a sincere heart and watch God open their eyes to a whole new level of joy-filled living.


Helped me become closer to God

I love the thought-provoking questions. I have realized that I need to follow all of these questions with my walk to become closer with Him. Thank you for this challenge. It has helped me to reflect on my prayer life and how I can become more intimate with God. It has shown me how I can be more open and relaxed with Him, not so legalistic.


Structure of the challenge helped setup my daily prayers

I liked the way it was structured around the questions Why, When, and How we pray. It helped set up my daily prayers.


Easy and understandable

It was easy and understandable. Take your time and go through the challenge. Do it more than once if necessary.


Worth the time to grow closer to God

I have been sharing this challenge with family and friends. It is worth the time! It will help you grow closer to God. If you are a new Christian, it will help you get started with your prayer life and if you have been a Christian for a while, it will help you refocus and grow stronger in your walk with Christ.


Truly changed my mornings!

I love how you broke it down in days so you could focus and develop the new techniques. It has truly changed the way I spend my morning.


Hear God more clearly and grow your prayer life

Take the challenge and you will discover something about yourself that maybe you needed to let God have. You will hear God more clearly. Your prayer life will grow. You'll be thankful for the time you spend in prayer.


A plan for my prayer life is what I needed

Applying the plan of why, when, and where really make sense. I have a plan for my business but never thought of putting a plan for my prayer life. I am truly in a better place than where I was because of this challenge.


You won't regret joining this challenge!

I would tell someone considering starting the challenge is that they will never regret it and you will never get enough of the challenge. It's had a great impact in my life because NOW I know why, how and when to pray. The best part is that now I can plan and squeeze some few minutes in prayer and Bible study and I have learned to listen for the Lord.


Love the step-by-step emails

I really enjoyed the daily step-by-step emails and found them containing simple but profound insights.

Although I haven't kept to my original specified allotted prayer time, I now know that I can tweak it, and find my optimum time through trial and error. And if I could share anything it would be to not give up if your original super hopeful plan doesn't work out...

I would certainly encourage you 100% to try this challenge whether you are new to prayer, have been praying for years, or needing a new focus for your prayer life.


Helped to improve my prayer life

I would recommend everyone to start this challenge. It helped and still helps me much to improve my prayer life.


Focusing on the WHY helped the plan stick

I discovered that I was already "doing" a lot of the things, but I had NOT given any thought to the "WHY" question. First and foremost I would encourage folks to take the time to work through the daily prayer plan and to write out answers. It's like writing in a food journal. It makes it a commitment. I still have a ways to go but I find that what I have written challenges me each day as I meet in my personal prayer closet.


Daily Prayer Plan helped deepen my prayer time

I already prayed and read my Bible every day but there was just something missing. I now use the Daily Prayer Plan every morning and it’s helping me develop a deeper walk with God. I find myself thinking about the scriptures I have read and it’s strengthening my walk with God.

Why not invest a little more time in God? He invested it all in us.


Well worth your time

I loved the worksheet. Very helpful. This is well worth your time!


Now I have a structure and format for daily prayer

The best part of this challenge for me is having a structure and a format to follow. It makes such a difference putting time aside to have fellowship with our amazing Heavenly Father. Prayer makes a difference, not only for the people and situations we pray about but also for ourselves. It is good to get into the habit of regularly speaking and listening to Him.


Practical plan on establishing a daily prayer habit

Prayer is a vital part of the Christian walk and this is a great way to get started. The challenge has given me a practical plan on how to establish a daily prayer habit.


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This 5 day email-based challenge will only take a few minutes each day, but will provide the blueprint for a prayer habit you'll love (and keep).

  • Get clear on WHY prayer is important to your life.
  • Decide WHEN and WHERE you'll pray each day.
  • Create a plan for WHAT and HOW you'll pray.

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